Kevin Steele

Certified Fitness Trainer


Fort Collins, Colorado  


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-30 Years Experience

-Degree in Sports Medicine

-State & National Awards

-Private lessons

-Personal Training

-Strength & Weight Training



No more waiting. It’s time to experience your personal best. Kevin Steele can help you do it. 


Whether your goal is to be more competitive at your sport — or become healthier without hurting yourself — Kevin creates a personalized weightlifting program so you can meet your objective efficiently, effectively, and safely.


Imagine having access to a personal studio where you can meet your training goals under the watchful eye of a seasoned trainer, using professional equipment, and no distractions.


A stickler for safety and detail, Kevin sets up and guides you through each exercise. You learn how to get the most from your body while taking care of it. Only by mastering form, balance, and function can you progress to heavier weights.


More than just weightlifting. Kevin designs programs focused on whole-body conditioning, including resistance training, kettlebell training, stretching, nutrition and cardio programs.  Tell him what you’re looking for, and he’ll create a plan to get you there.  A GREAT RESOURCE NO MATTER WHAT YOUR CONDITION OR EXPERIENCE LEVEL.


Kevin works with:

 All agesfrom teenagers to seniors.


          Kevin has trained professional athletes as well as college and high school      students to reach their fitness goals.  See Clients Awards.

  • Kevin worked with Dr. Bob Bliss, a retired physician in his 80's, to strengthen his legs that had been weakened by polio as a child.
  • Disabled clients. Kevin helped a skier who had lost a leg place fourth in the 1994 Winter Para Olympics.
  • Kevin trained a deaf woman who reached her fitness goals and has continued in a fitness program.
  • People from all fitness levels. From the client who is tired of sitting behind a desk all day, to professional athletes.  



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