Kevin Steele

Certified Fitness Trainer


Fort Collins, Colorado  


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Even though Kevin is a Black belt in Karate and a US Marine Corps Veteran he doesn't use the drill instructor approach to training. His style is fun and easy-going. Kevin always pays close attention to my trouble spots. Past surgeries, injuries, and muscle imbalances are always on his radar. His gym is well-equipped and also the cleanest gym I've ever seen. He takes pride in his studio and the people he works with.


Larry Koliha
Certified Advanced Rolfer

I was 32 years old and weighed 160 lbs. I have always been an active, athletic person but was never able to put on weight. I was fortunate enough to meet Kevin 2 l/2 years ago. He has instructed me in proper diet, form and technique. With his dedication and skill, I have been able to put on 50 lbs of muscle. Kevin has the knowledge to tailor a personal program for anyone based on your individual goals and I highly recommend his services.


Jason Hanson

I started training in Powerlifting with Kevin early 2002. On December 8, 2002, I set the State Records in my weight and age class (132 wt class; 65-69 age class). On January 31, 2004, I set the National Record in my weight and age class. Then February 11, 2006, I took home my second Gold Medal at the Nationals. I could never have done this without Kevin's form and technique. People that I competed with came home with injuries, but I came home free of all injuries because I had learned the correct techniques.


Donna Donaldson

Trinity Fitness is a well-maintained, very organized and fully equipped gym. For those of you who are looking to gain mass, stay fit or lift competitively, Kevin is a very knowledgeable and well experienced personal trainer. It is hard to find a trainer with such experience at such a fair price. While working with Kevin over the past few months, he has personalized a workout and diet routine that has helped me become stronger and leaner than ever before. I highly recommend Kevin Steele and Trinity Fitness to everyone.


Wade Amaral
CSU Rugby team

After a bad experience with a trainer in the past, I was a little hesitant when I went to see Kevin. But after a few minutes discussing my goals, I knew I was in good hands. We worked together designing a workout, and set goals that were challenging but doable. I enjoyed the experience so much that I arranged to work with Kevin when I am in town on business.


Bethany Ward, Durham, NC   

Kevin, I came to you a few years ago for strength-building instruction and then quit when I kept getting sick. I want you to know that I joined a gym afterward, have applied the principles you taught me, and am now doing a little bit each day, 5-6 days a week. My weight has maintained at 115-116 for three years and I feel great! You and your wife are wonderful examples of what persistence can accomplish and you have inspired me to persevere.


Virginia S.

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